July 14, 2015

Data Centers & Commercial Cooling

As data centers and industrial commercial cooling system users attempt to become more efficient, water treatment is a top priority for management. Silver Bullet Water Treatment for mission critical data centers and commercial cooling systems conditions, treats and improves the quality of water by providing patented “Green Chemistry” technology that helps our customer save money, maximize resources and lessen maintenance.

Silver Bullet’s deep understanding of the specific water management needs of our customers allows us to provide cooling system, condenser and chiller solutions that:

  • Eliminates microbiological growth, including Legionella
  • Solubilizes mineral scale present in water
  • Destroys biofilm deposits
  • Reduces water use by increasing Cycles of Concentration
  • Contributes to improvement in Power Use Efficiency (PUE) and Water Use Efficiency (WUE) metrics
  • Is up to 70% less corrosive to steel and copper components than chlorine bleach treatments
  • Removes the need to store hazardous water treatment chemicals onsite

Silver Bullet works with data center operators and commercial cooling facility managers to integrate scalable, custom solutions to save time, money and ensure the customer’s specific water quality expectations are met.  Equally important, Silver Bullet’s benefits will result in a return on investment through maximized cooling system efficiency, improved PUE/WUE, minimized corrosivity risk, and better use of labor resources.

All Silver Bullet cooling water system treatment solutions include service benefits, routine maintenance, and performance reporting programs tailored to the operational needs of the customer.

If your mission critical data center or commercial cooling system has a unique situation that needs evaluation, please contact Silver Bullet Water Treatment immediately. Your business cannot afford to wait!

For sales, service and more information about Silver Bullet’s technology for mission critical data centers and industrial cooling systems, please contact:

Scott Magill
Director – Strategic Accounts/Operations
[email protected]

Process Technology – Data Centers

Process Technology – Cooling Towers