July 14, 2015

Data Centers & Commercial Cooling

Silver Bullet's patented processing sleevesCommercial Cooling

The benefits of installing the Silver Bullet Water Treatment system go beyond providing a safer, more efficient solution than traditional chemical treatment methods. For a price that is comparable to traditional water treatment systems, the Silver Bullet system minimizes water use, reduces maintenance, and provides significant energy savings.

All systems are rented on a monthly basis, so there are no large, upfront costs.


The Advantage:
Eliminate traditional chemical pumps and setups to treat your cooling tower water. The Silver Bullet Water Treatment system is installed in less than a day and with no disruption to HVAC or electrical systems. Once installed, you will no longer have to purchase or handle expensive and hazardous chemicals and you will see reductions in:

Chemical treatment setup before Silver Bullet

  • water usage
  • electricity usage
  • time maintaining the tower
  • microbiological growth/bacteria
  • scale
  • corrosion
Silver Bullet System installed on CT

Silver Bullet System

Treat your cooling tower water using an effective and safe solution in Silver Bullet’s Advanced Oxidation Process

The University of Pittsburgh conducted a study to determine the efficacy of the Silver Bullet Water Treatment system in cooling towers compared to certain non-chemical devices. Silver Bullet demonstrated it was the most effective biocide of all systems tested, killing 98.8% of bacteria in the water and significantly reducing the presence of legionella in the water, which will contribute to legionella prevention and mitigating outbreaks. Click here to read the full study!