July 14, 2015


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For the past several years, the shrimp farming and aquaculture industry has suffered dramatically from a deadly pathogen leading to Early Mortality Syndrome (EMS) in shrimp. EMS causes tissue destruction and dysfunction to shrimp digestive organs, causing death. The bacterium leading to EMS is called Vibrio parahaemolyticus, discovered by Donald Lightner of the University of Arizona and his Pathology Lab.



The Advantage:
Silver Bullet Water Treatment systems are a proven method for treating water containing this type of bacteria. Lightner conducted research on the Silver Bullet Water Treatment system and its efficacy in killing the Vibrio p. bacterium. Lightner found that the Silver Bullet system significantly reduced the level of Vibrio p. in the water and greatly increased shrimp survival rates. Further research by other third-party laboratories, such as the Federal Research Center on Nutrition and Development (CIAD) in Sinaloa, Mexico, found similar results in the reduction of the deadly bacterium and increased survival rates. The majority of the tests concluded with shrimp survival rates exceeding 90%. Without the Silver Bullet, survival rates were typically around 20%-40%.

Silver Bullet shrimp harvest Mexicogrow out pond

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