July 14, 2015


Silver Bullet for Poultry OperationsAgricultural Services

Silver Bullet Water Treatment Agricultural Services treats animal drinking water without adding toxic chemicals. Water is the most important element in raising productive, healthy livestock. Untreated or poorly treated drinking water can carry bacteria, fungi and parasites and can cause disease or death. The Silver Bullet Water Treatment system is rented monthly to provide a safe and efficient system for livestock drinking water.


The Advantage:
The Silver Bullet system is currently treating the drinking water for a variety of animals across North America and has quickly become a popular product for agriculture equipment. The Silver Bullet is currently being used in feedlot and dairy farming, poultry farming, pig farming, and several other types of livestock farms. All animals benefit from water with the lowest level of contaminants. The Silver Bullet Water Treatment system:

  • drastically reduces microorganism presencecow-e1360886723802
  • is odorless and has no taste
  • can lead to healthier, more productive animals

Piglets Drinking

Aside from providing clean water to your livestock, the Silver Bullet system reduces and prevents scaling from occurring in pipes and nipple drinkers on your farm’s water system. This eliminates any need to clear out lines using harsh chemicals.

Check out our Water Testing videos to learn how to properly use dipslides:
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Incubating Your Dipslides
Documenting Your Analysis


There has been extensive research highlighting water as the most important nutrient in the health of animals. Click here to read more about this research and see what some of our customers are saying about the Silver Bullet!