August 18, 2015

Long Lake Colony

©PHOTOPQR/LE REPUBLICAIN LORRAIN/HECKLER Pierre - THIONVILLE LE 08 07 2007 Cochons sur de la paille ILLUSTRATIONThis field study was conducted at Long Lake Colony Swine Farm in Westonka, South Dakota. The study analyzed total aerobic bacteria and total coliforms in the drinking water for the pigs.

Tests were taken over an eight month period to determine the bacteria and coliform levels before and after installation of the Silver Bullet Water Treatment system.



Once the Silver Bullet Water Treatment system was installed, the total aerobic bacteria dropped significantly to levels nearing zero and there has been no reported coliform growth.

Long Lake Aerobic Bacteria graphLong Lake Coliform graph

“We have had the Silver Bullet system operating for eight months with great results. Previously, we were spending $2,000 a month on an Oxyblast system. The first thing we noticed when we switched to Silver Bullet was that our lines began to clean out throughout our facility. We currently use about 15,000 gallons of water a day. We are using the AG300 model with excellent results and we are planning to upgrade to the AG310. Below is the list of measurable benefits we are seeing, however we know that here are many more benefits coming that we are not aware of yet.”

  1. No strep in our weaning barn
  2. No scours
  3. 5% increase in breeding
  4. Our average weigh out of the swine in the farrowing facility has increased, resulting in a $500 per week increase


long lake graph

Joe Wollman
Long Lake Colony
36848 123rd Street
Westport, South Dakota

Long Lake Colony Case Study & Testimonial