July 14, 2015

Water Treatment Solutions

inner box 3Silver Bullet’s patented technology solution harnesses natural processes to condition water and improve its performance. Classified as an Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP), Silver Bullet generates singlet oxygen atoms forming mixed oxidants, including highly reactive hydroxyl radicals. AOPs are recognized by the EPA as an effective and safe water disinfection method and hydroxyl radicals are the strongest oxidants that can be applied in water.

Silver Bullet’s system pulls in air from the surrounding environment. The air passes through patented Silver Bullet sleeves containing UV lamps and other proprietary components. The ambient air is modified as it passes through the sleeves, creating negatively charged oxygen atoms, which are diffused into water (note that water never passes through the system and it does not directly treat the water with UV light).

As the mixed oxidants hit the water, they interact with water molecules and form highly reactive hydroxyl and radicals. Dissolved hydroxyl radicals and other oxidants quickly trigger various chemical reactions, oxidizing minerals and contaminants in the water, killing bacteria and breaking down calcium buildup to inhibit scaling. Some dissolved oxidants combine with water molecules (H2O) to create H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide), a lasting biocide. The Silver Bullet system is fully redundant for fail-safe, continuous operation, and retrofits into any building in less than a day.

Most AOP systems are large and capital intensive, however, the Silver Bullet system is the size of a cabinet and is rented on a monthly basis at a cost comparable to traditional chemical treatments.

Read the AOP study conducted at the University of Colorado by Dr. Karl Linden here.

Benefits of the Silver Bullet system:

How it Works Infographic

How Silver Bullet Works