EPA Outlines Actions to Improve Safety and Reliability of Nation’s Drinking Water

EPA released a plan that serves as a national call to action, urging all levels of government, utilities, community organizations, and other stakeholders to work together to increase the safety and reliability of drinking water. The plan includes six priority actions: strengthen source water protection; reduce lead risks; educate the public on drinking water safety, address unregulated contaminants; advance oversight of the Safe Drinking Water Act; and improve water infrastructure finance.

The plan reflects input from state, local, and tribal government officials; drinking water utilities; community groups; and environmental organizations. While EPA and partners have already begun to take some actions, others will require additional resources and further stakeholder engagement. EPA recognizes that partnership and collaboration across all levels of government, utilities, the private sector, and the public will be essential to the success of the plan.

Read More: https://www.epa.gov/newsreleases/epa-outlines-actions-improve-safety-reliability-nations-drinking-water

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