July 15, 2015


RP0K2095Dealers play a key role in the Silver Bullet business model. The Silver Bullet Water Treatment system offers new opportunities to potential dealers to provide their prospective and existing clients with a solution for treating their water without the use of expensive and hazardous chemicals. This technology is available for industrial and commercial cooling towers and also serves as an odorless and tasteless biocide for livestock drinking water.

For Dealer support, please contact Silver Bullet:

Main Phone: 303-552-2383

Support Line: 1-855-250-4228

Email: info@silverbulletcorp.com





The Silver Bullet Water Treatment system is simple in design and implementation, and is good for the environment:

  • Eliminates hazardous and toxic chemical use
  • Scalable to any size for any amount of water
  • Small footprint on the environment
  • Installed in less than a day
  • Rented monthly, so no large capital expenditure
  • Nothing to own or maintain
  • Service warranties covered in rental agreement

Lab Pano

Because of our extensive dealer network, it is our #1 priority to provide as much support and training as we can to our dealers. This is why we have required trainings at our office location in Denver and host monthly conference calls with our dealers to discuss the latest news and topics and provide sales, installation, and service tips. We also have an in-house water testing lab to conduct tests and analysis of water samples taken at various installation sites. Our lab provides accurate and measurable data to determine the effectiveness of the system at any given customer location and can alert us if something needs to be addressed.