August 20, 2015

Industrial Water Treatment

The need for effective water treatment at industrial facilities is extremely valuable considering that many of these facilities use thousands of gallons of water per minute for various processes.

With so much water usage, scaling, corrosion, and contamination of bacteria is a major concern when it comes to keeping the facility running smoothly and efficiently, as well as keeping areas safe for workers.

Silver Bullet is able to scale up to these facilities and provide sustainable water treatment without the need to use hundreds of gallons of hazardous chemicals every month. Silver Bullet is installed for various industrial water treatment processes, including power plants and pulp and paper production, and has the potential to save hundreds of millions of gallons of water a year and reduce energy demand, resulting in significant savings.

Below are two case studies in which Silver Bullet has been installed and experienced excellent results.


Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE)       East Coast Power Plant                                           PEMEX – Salamanca, Mexico

SB at CFE                      PowerPlant                      pemex_323x216