July 17, 2015

Data Centers & Commercial Cooling

Commercial cooling tower water is often treated by building engineers using traditional water treatment chemicals. This is the way it has been done for decades and it has been effective.

However, many of these chemicals are harmful and hazardous to those who have to handle them, as well as the environment itself simply by having to produce and transport them. These chemicals can cause chemical burns and create dangerous vapors that can be inhaled. Along with the risk of handling these chemicals, the maintenance required to ensure the correct dosage levels is an endless balancing game.

The Silver Bullet Water Treatment system treats cooling tower water without traditional water treatment chemicals, creating a safer environment for workers and reducing the amount of maintenance required to keep the tower running efficiently.

In fact, the Silver Bullet not only attacks and kills dangerous bacteria, such as Legionella, but it also dramatically reduces water and energy use by the tower, leading to serious water conservation and significant electrical savings.

Check out some of our customers below who have experienced success on their cooling towers using the Silver Bullet Water Treatment system!


NORAD                                                                 The Oxford Hotel                                           Washington, DC

NPRAD Cheyenne Mountain          OXFORD          DC

Museum of Contemporary Art                Lerner Enterprises                                        Hyatt Regency – Mexico City

museum of contemporary art 2          washington square          hyatt regency

All Phase Consulting                                     Willard InterContinental Hotel             Denver Musuem of Nature and Science

DU - Ritchie Center          Willard InterContinental Washington1_Carousel          museum pic