July 17, 2015

Livestock Drinking Water

Water is arguably the most important factor in raising healthy and productive livestock animals. Untreated or poorly treated drinking water carries bacteria, fungi, and parasites, which can lead to disease or even death in animals.

Unhealthy animals present a two-fold cost. The first is the cost of care for the animal, and the second is the lost production. Simply providing clean water to your livestock can be a key factor in preventing sickness and contribute to your sustainable agriculture goals.

Silver Bullet technology is an effective piece of agricultural machinery used on farms throughout North America, helping many types of agribusiness succeed. It can be installed on any farm, regardless of the water source.

Check out some of our customers below who have experienced success on their farms using the Silver Bullet Water Treatment system!


Key Source Solutions                                    Long Lake Colony                                          Bijou Hill Dairy

Silver Bullet for Poultry Operations          long lake colony          american dairyman

Sunset Colony                                                   Texas Pandhandle #1                                  Texas Panhandle #2

Top          3          Feedlot Cattle

VMC/Prairie Livestock Supply                Nature Pure

prairie livestock          naturepure

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