Silver Bullet is the Solution Your Poultry Farm Needs to Avoid NCC’s Slow Growth Bird Impacts!

Slower Growing Birds Could Cause Price Increase: Chicken Council Consumers, the foodservice and retail industries, and non-governmental organizations are being urged by the National Chicken Council (NCC) to invest in studying the impact in the US of the growing market for “slower growing” broiler chickens. A study released ( by the NCC details the environmental,[…]

EPA Told Wastewater Utilities Should Not Be Compelled To Respond to Nutrient Removal

Wastewater utilities shouldn’t be compelled to respond to a national survey of their nutrient removal practices, state and water utility officials told the Environmental Protection Agency, citing concerns the information could be used for enforcement purposes. Rather, the EPA should seek an alternative approach to gather information about the range and effectiveness of secondary treatment[…]