About Silver Bullet Water Treatment

Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company, LLC provides an innovative technology that treats water in industrial and commercial cooling towers and water systems without the need to add any hazardous chemicals. The Silver Bullet Water Treatment system is also being used to treat drinking water for livestock to help improve the overall health and production of the animals.

The Silver Bullet Water Treatment system was invented by Chief Technology Officer, David Kolstad.  Following three decades of experience as an operating engineer in power plants, commercial buildings, and hospitals, David’s hands-on work with traditional, chemical-based approaches to water treatment inspired him to develop a more efficient, lower maintenance, and safer solution.

The Silver Bullet Water Treatment system provides a safe and highly efficient treatment that serves as a biocide that reduces and eliminates scaling and significantly reduces corrosion, while increasing energy efficiency and reducing water consumption.

The Silver Bullet Water Treatment system is also being utilized on farms throughout the United States and Mexico to treat livestock drinking water.  By killing bacteria in the drinking water, animals are able to drink more water and stay healthier.  Hydrogen peroxide, the biocide used, is a natural and non-toxic chemical that has no taste or smell.  Drinking clean water leads to healthier and more productive animals (See CSU Study).

All Silver Bullet Water Treatment units are rented monthly.  This means customers have no large upfront costs and have an opportunity to use the Silver Bullet system without making a large investment.


Since the first Silver Bullet Water Treatment system was installed in 2008, the Company has rented its advanced water treatment solution to hospitals, universities, hotels, office buildings, data centers, multi-unit residential buildings, and manufacturing facilities, as well as on dairy, hog and chicken farms throughout the United States and Mexico. Installations using the Silver Bullet Water Treatment system include:

February 26, 2015

CoBiz Magazine Interview with David Sunshine, CEO

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The Silver Bullet system provides an innovative, commercial technology to condition cooling tower water better and faster than conventional chemical systems without the use of toxic chemicals.

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