About Us


The Silver Bullet Water Treatment system was invented by Chief Technology Officer, David Kolstad. Following three decades of experience as an operating engineer in power plants, commercial buildings, and hospitals, David’s hands-on work with traditional, chemical-based approaches to water treatment inspired him to develop a more efficient, lower maintenance and safer solution. Below is a timeline of events in Silver Bullet Water Treatment, LLC history:


June 2005

David Kolstad begins research on Silver Bullet technology working in his basement bathroom. Here is the evolution of the Silver Bullet:

IMG_0619   IMG_0630   IMG_0631   IMG_0632   IMG_0633

After 7 years of development, the Silver Bullet Water Treatment system as we know it today was completed.

April 2009

First commercial install


 September 2009

David Sunshine and Bob Hanfling join the Board of Directors

Dave-Sunshine   Bob Hanfling Portrait

November 2011

Silver Bullet begins installing systems in Canada and Mexico


April 2012

Silver Bullet Agricultural Services begins operations

Silver Bullet for Poultry Operations   dairy cow pic   Silver Bullet for Swine

October 2012

Silver Bullet wins NREL’s Best Venture Award

NREL Award

January 2013

Silver Bullet receives its first Patent


December 2013

Silver Bullet wins CCIA High Impact Company Award

CCIA Award

January 2014

Silver Bullet Aquaculture Services begins operation

Silver Bullet shrimp harvest Mexico   shrimp farm mangrove

July 2014

Silver Bullet is a Colorado Companies to Watch Winner

CCTW Award

November 2014

Silver Bullet Industrial Water Treatment begins operations

pemex4   Shrimp Trailer   PEMEX   

November 2015

Silver Bullet receives its second Patent