U. of Florida Horticulture Expert: Investigating in Water Treatment for Target Solutions Rapidly Paid Back

Customers for any business are always eager to have a return on their investment (ROI) in any technology or service. Water treatment customers in all of our markets (horticulture, livestock drinking water, data centers and commercial cooling) are no different and Silver Bullet strives to always deliver on that return.

According to University of Florida horticulture expert, Dr. Paul Fisher, the key to getting that desired ROI is to identify the problems with the customer’s water and then pinpoint a water treatment system to deliver on the solution. In an interview with urbanagnews.com, fisher emphasizes the need to think in terms of profitability of their business when considering water treatments.

“If there is an existing chemical, biological or physical water quality problem that has been clearly identified (including lab testing), then investigating in a targeted water treatment solution to that problem will rapidly be paid back,” Fisher told urbanagnews.

Silver Bullet Water Treatment provides customers the resources and expertise to identify their water issues, provide a custom solution and ongoing testing/monitoring programs to help achieve the desired ROI. Our expert sales team, science and engineering staff, maintenance providers and dealers all work with our customers throughout the life of their water treatment service commitment to manage risk and maximize productivity.

Dr. Fisher notes that nobody is going to pay more for a product simply because they have a water treatment system. Fisher believes the driver behind any investment in water treatment is managing loss and “reducing risk.” Silver Bullet has the solutions and resources to accomplish just that for all our customers.

Contact Silver Bullet today and we can begin designing a custom water treatment solution for you and your business immediately.