Disneyland Legionella Shows Need for Cooling Tower Operators to Employ Silver Bullet Water Treatment

The recent Legionnaires disease outbreak at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, highlights the need for building operators to properly manage the microbiologic contamination in their cooling towers. Building workers, tenants and their guests.

Cooling towers are a major source of the disease, because they provide two things the bacteria need to thrive: a place to grow and a way to enter people’s respiratory systems. The huge tanks of warm water in these systems provide an ideal environment for Legionella to thrive. These systems also circulate air, and when water from the tanks evaporates, it forms droplets that spread the disease through the air.

Beyond highly pathogenic bacteria such as Legionella, less dangerous bacteria also may contribute to biofilm buildup, which is a perfect substance for scale to settle and build upon.

To combat these microbiologic issues in commercial cooling systems, Silver Bullet Water Treatment offers a mixed oxidant solution that is highly effective at eliminating both high and low pathogenic bacteria from the cooling tower water. In situations where the water is more highly challenged with bacteria than is typical, Silver Bullet also offers ultraviolet technology solutions for complete disinfection.

Silver Bullet’s appeal for cooling tower water treatment is enhanced by the fact that the system is a sustainable, “green chemistry” that relies only on the air we breathe as its oxidant seed. Silver Bullet makes the building safe to utilize and is the more safe, easy option for facility managers and their workers as there are no longer hazardous chemicals to handle and store. And, for situations with less dangerous bacteria, Silver Bullet can help mitigate biofilm buildup that could lead to scaling and inefficient building water and energy use, increasing your costs.

If you are concerned about the impact bacteria in your commercial cooling, data center cooling or HVAC system may have on you, your tenants your co-workers, or your costs, please contact Silver Bullet today.

Scott Magill
Director – Strategic Accounts/Operations for Cooling Towers

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